Gautam Samadder, MD   President, AAPI

Gautam Samadder, MD

President, AAPI

President's Message

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), has been strategically engaged in working with the Union and State Governments of India for the past ten years and has collaborated with more than 35 professional medical associations, pharmaceutical and medical device companies to address the health care challenges of a rapidly developing India.

It is the passion, willingness and staunch loyalty towards the former motherland that draws several AAPI members to join this effort and by working with experts in India, AAPI is able to bring solutions that are India centric and takes us closer to our lofty vision of making quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all people of India.
AAPI continues to march ahead and 2017 will take us to West Bengal with the 11th AAPI GHS scheduled from Dec 28 to 30 in the beautiful city of joy, Kolkata.

Our focus will be continue making progress with the TBI guidelines dissemination, training of first responders and engaging local authorities to help address one of the major causes of road fatalities by pursuing four key aspects, awareness, pre-hospital care, in hospital and rehab. We are very fortunate that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has been a strong supporter of our message and his name, voice and message on prevention continues to make a significant difference. AAPI will continue to broaden this activity in West Bengal.

The AAPI GHS has also served as a sounding board for many Healthcare Leaders to freely exchange views, ideas and help resolve challenges that are addressed during the very effective CEO forums usually chaired by MOH officials and leading CEO. This has helped in attracting investment, advanced training and setting up hospitals, medical institutions etc. AAPI will continue the international research competition, EP, Cardiology, Urology and other workshops that will help in training several India based physicians. AAPI’s emphasis on promoting maternal and infant health has been a very well received initiative under the banner of “Women’s Leadership Forum”. This also serves as an inspiration for aspiring women leaders to see and hear from role models.

I invite all medical professionals, health industry, technology companies and medical colleges to join this movement by participating, sponsoring, contributing towards making quality healthcare accessible and affordable for all people of India.


Gautam Samadder MD
President, AAPI