About AAPI

AAPI was founded in 1982 by a group of concerned Indian American medical professionals with a simple goal: deal with the challenges around immigration and licensing issues facing foreign medical graduates and to create a level field for them.

Today, AAPI

  • Is the largest non-profit ethnic medical organization in the United States representing the interests of over 60,000 practicing physicians and 20,000 medical students, residents, and fellows of Indian origin

  • One out of seven patient encounters in America is with an Indian American physician

  • 63% of Indian American physicians practice in Primary Care

  • Former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy is Indian American and a member of AAPI; many others hold numerous leadership positions in Academia, Hospitals, And Private Practice

  • AAPI serves as an umbrella organization with a network of over 160 component chapters including alumni, state, regional, and specialty organizations

The AAPI organization is a dynamic body, spearheading legislative agendas and influencing the advancement of medical care not only in the US, but internationally. AAPI’s impact is seen in areas such as advocating for the increasing physician work force, participating in national health initiatives such as obesity prevention, and investing in global health education. Whether practicing in medically underserved areas such as inner cities and rural communities or participating in cutting edge research & academics, Indian physicians form an impressive group.