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AAPI’s Got Talent, organized by the AAPI physicians, is a chance for all registered guests of the convention to participate and compete in a talent show. Physicians are not just about books and work. Our stress, our emotions that we learn to conceal, our tendency to imbibe life’s lessons and take it all as it comes is often channeled into artistic outlets where we let it all flow. Music, dance, creative writing, drama and more…physicians are everywhere, and they excel everywhere… Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a physician, created Sherlock Holmes; Ken Jeong, another physician, regaled us with comedy. Our talent event tagline is true to its word – passion truly meets professionalism in this event! Join us, see below for details!


Participants Rules and Regulations:

  • The participant must be registered for the convention
  • The participant should not be winners of AAPI Talent (except if they have another talent they wish to showcase)
  • No age or category bar, open format similar to the ‘got talent’ franchise
  • A 3 minute video submission is mandated to complete registration. Audio files must be submitted as video formats as well.


  • Wednesday July 4th 2pm to 5pm
  • Live auditions if you are present
  • Video submissions will be judged in your absence
  • The 3 minute limit will be strictly enforced to allow all participants a fair chance to have their time

Wednesday, July 4th: Dinner event